Will Dunn: A Guitar Hero Champion Behind Bilbioblog


The creative mind behind Bilblioblog, Will – the real name of Biblio – is all about writing, music, traveling, gaming, and Guitar Hero! More impressively, we got that he became a blogger just in 2018. Well, actually, we got much more. Ready to learn about his secrets?

Q:  Hey Will, nice to meet you. Let’s start with a door-in-the-face approach. So, everybody can guess a lot about your life from your social media profiles..What is something nobody knows about you?

A: “I’m great at guitar hero, first few Modern Warfare games! I’ve completed all the Far Cry games with all the collectables found. There is plenty more but can’t think right now!”

Q: Well, let’s see if I can help. What is something you like doing when you are not writing?

A: “I love listening to music, either live performances or through headphones. I love to walk dogs . I love photography and film, creating intriguing content is a huge hobby! And..Did I say I love playing Guitar Hero?” 

Q:  So, what excites and what bores you the most? 

A: “What excites me the most..The newest and latest technology –  I love to read and talk about the newest products and information around. I want to get results and constantly expand my skills. Well, I am bored when I see no changes. I don’t enjoy repeating the same work for the same results, I feel like if you can master your best practices it’s great to try and add something new to your approach to keep your audience entertained and ever-growing.”

Q: So, is this the reason why you became a blogger this year? What were the reason behind your decision?” 

A “Probably. I love to talk about key trends and products with an audience and want to become a marketing leading, credible source for information.” 

Q: What has changed  the most in your life since you have become a blogger?

A: “My views on games and gamers. When I started writing and researching I wasn’t aware of the community in gaming and the power of the player. Game developers now have to listen to their players for future success in future games.”

Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Find now our favorite writer, blogger, and Guitar Hero on Twitter and Instagram!



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