Tbilisi Digital Expo: GameJam 2018, A Milestone Event

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This week, Keyhub had the great opportunity participate to Game Jam in Tbilisi, Georgia. Part of the Tbilisi Digital Expo, the event had everything a gamer could ask for! Among the many, the opportunity to play & new Indie games, interact with game developers & fellow gamers, and did I mention that you could play games? A lot of them. We got to choose our favorite team  & offer them special gift cards to buy their favorite games! Here’s what happened!

Here’s a quick glimpse in all that went down during the Game Jam event!

The Hackathon

The Hackathon started on May 11 & continued till May 13, hosted by the Tbilisi Digital Expo.

For the occasion, young & talented developers worked on a game prototype based on any of the 3 themes: Neon Colors, Students, Alternative Reality.

We all got to see some really creative games with amazing graphics & game play at the end of these two days.  Once over, the winning team got a pass to Casual Connect to showcase their game! (How cool is that!)


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The Final Event

While the first two days required sleepless nights & endless coding at Game Jam, the final event was all about tons of interesting lectures about gaming.

Lectures ranged from artificial intelligence in gaming to an enlightening lecture based on docue-games by Georg Hobmeier from Causa Creations.

The Tbilisi Digital Expo rocked it.


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That’s not all. Indeed, developers coming from Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic & Hungary reunited at Game Jam. They showcased the latest games they worked on, ranging from PC games to VR games.

Now, we must confess that our team got excited like  6 year- old children when thinking of playing all the cool VR games. Finally, we turned into 6 years old kids on a sugar rush when we reached the Retro game section of the event.

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The event was concluded with the award ceremony for the Hackathon. 3 teams were selected & awarded. Congratulations to all the teams:

  • Scholarship by the University of Georgia – Team No Smoking;
  • Game Gift Vouchers by Keyhub – Team Keji;
  • Casual Connect Pass – Team Talgame.



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This was a milestone moment for the Georgian gaming industry. The industry was able to bring together the gaming community of the country and developers from all over Europe. Moreover, they gave a great opportunity to game developers in Georgia, very talented humans.

As part of an international team working in Georgia, it was a great experience to witness the immense talent & the community spirit displayed by all the participants & organizers. Kudos to the organizers!!  Keyhub is proud to be able to be a part of this event and contribute in a small way.

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