G2Play Review: Is G2Play a Legit Steam Key Seller?


Reviewing G2Play, I found gamers saying positive things and other claiming to be a huge scam. The question is: Is G2Play legit and trustworthy?

The shop is a sibling of Kinguin (if you know Kinguin you probably already knew that). The website is exactly the same and the prices as well.

Years in the market5 years
Type of sellerMarketplace

G2Play Review

On Trustpilot, G2Play don’t have the best scores compared with its competitors but in another hand, they only have 800 reviews.

Total of Reviews800
TrustScore7.8 out of 10

On the reviews, some customers said the shop had cheap prices and even when they had issues with the transaction their team provided very good support.

If we check the negative reviews, the team has answered all of them, so if you have any issue on G2Play I recommend to drop a message there too.




Find here all you need to know when buying at G2Play

Support Team

G2Play has a super cute chatbot for facebook! The bot is called Ludwig-bot and provide assistance from ‘How to seel on G2Play’ to ‘Issues with a purchased key’.

All you have to do is activate the bot on messenger and follow the instructions. In case Ludwig doesn’t give you the answer to your question you can simply type “Talk to a human” and you’ll get support from a human being.

1-support-g2play-legit-review-keyhub-cd-key-price-compare 2-support-g2play-legit-review-keyhub-cd-key-price-compare.png

After testing quickly Ludwig-bot I stopped replying and after 10 minutes I got a message from an actual person from their support team <3


Another way and I would say the most efficient, is to contact the on LiveChat. You have to stay in the queue for a few minutes, it depends how many people there are before you. Once you enter the chat they reply immediately 🙂

G2Play also has FAQ with different topics and categories, so the chance of you finding an answer to a question is quite high.

Payment Methods

Kinguin Wallet


Games, Platforms & SystemsPC, Xbox, PSN, Nintendo, VR & Microsoft
Keyhub partner sinceMay, 2018
Discounts & Sales
Extra FeaturesSells prepaid cards
Platforms availableWebsite
Social Media

Final Verdict

G2Play is a marketplace with really good prices (one of the cheapest in the market), the website is great and their support team is efficient!

Is G2Play Legit?

Yeah 😉 G2Play is a Keyhub Trusted Partner!

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