G2A Review: Is G2A Legit?


There’s a rumor about G2A that says their keys are stolen keys, and the biggest doubt gamers have is: is G2A legit? And that’s the question I’ll be answering on the review.

As a marketplace, G2A has individual sellers selling keys on their website. They have been doing this since 2015 and they are the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace in the world.

Years in the market5 years
OfficesHong Kong, Netherlands, and Poland
Teamover 700 employees
Type of sellerMarketplace

G2A Review

Stars4 stars
TrustScore8.4 out of 10

After going through their Trustpilot reviews my conclusion is: you have to be careful when purchasing from G2A.

8% of their reviews are bad ones, claiming that:

  • the store is a scam
  • the payment page didn’t work
  • they try to sell extra features without you noticing
  • the key didn’t work (those are the only reviews their team replied)

But 88% were good reviews and some gave nice tips to purchase there without having an issue.

1-trustpilot-g2a-review-keyhub-cd-key-price-compare 2-trustpilot-g2a-review-keyhub-cd-key-price-compare

Check on the video below my tips to use G2A with success 😉

G2A Support Team

Opening a ticket with them is quite simple, you don’t need to add your email or anything.

I tested their support ticket and here is my experience:


After 4:30 hours I got a reply:


It took a while to get the answer but they gave me a complete answer to help me solve the issue.

G2A has a very good Support Hub where you can find the top FAQ and webinars, with answers to most of the questions you might have.

In case you can’t find the solution to your issue, the most efficient way to contact their support team is opening a ticket.

Payment Methods

UnionPay (CNY)6%
G2A Wallet1%


Games, Platforms & SystemsPC, PSN, Nintendo, Xbox live and Softwares
Keyhub partner sinceMarch 2018
Discounts & Sales
  • G2A Plus: paid subscription service for best deals (giveaways, extra loot points, large discounts, top priority support)
  • Loots & Game cases
  • Seasonal Sales
Extra Features
  • G2A Wallet
  • G2A Pay: is an online  payment gateway for business and individuals
  • Goldmine: it’s an affiliate platform
  • News
  • Electronics: cameras, headsets, consoles & accessories
  • Software: antivirus, office, design, video editing, operating systems, and others
  • E-learning
  • Gift cards: Amazon, Skype, Apple, Netflix, Skype
Platforms available
  • Website
  • Mobile App
Social Media

Final Verdict

The G2A team has been doing an amazing job on the Video Game market with all those features to make our lives easier. But as they are a marketplace, I want to give you a few tips when purchasing from them:

  • Only buy a game from a profile with good reviews that you can trust.
  • On the process of purchasing, pay attention to the extra features they try to sell you (if you don’t want to buy them)
  • Double check the title of the game to make sure you’re buying the right game

A very positive point of G2A is that you can find most of the games in the market there, check it here.

With that said, I can answer the question…

Is G2A Legit?

Yes, they sell legit keys and you can trust them 😉

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