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Is SCDKey legit?

Today I'll do the review and show how was my experience testing and answering the question: Is SCDKey legit? SCDKey is a shop with 10 years in the cd... Read More

Is Gamers Outlet Legit?

A small shop providing its customers keys at a lower price and most of the customers are happy with their services but after all, is Gamers Outlet legit? Gamers Outlet is a cd... Read More

Nokeys Review: Is Nokeys legit?

The Nokeys review was quite interesting! Would you buy from a shop that has great prices but gives you a refund almost instantly on your last purchase? When I started to do this Nokeys review,... Read More

G2Play Review: Is G2Play a Legit Steam Key Seller?

Reviewing G2Play, I found gamers saying positive things and other claiming to be a huge scam. The question is: Is G2Play legit and trustworthy?

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Gaming Dragons Review: Is Gaming Dragons Legit or Scam?

Gaming Dragons, a shop that is in the market since 2011 selling cheap digital keys. But does this means they are trustworthy? Is Gaming Dragons Legit?

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Is legit or scam?

Looking to buy from Check out our experience buying from the shop to answer the question: is legit? Before adding on Keyhub, our team reviewed deeply their business model because as an account seller... Read More

G2A Review: Is G2A Legit?

There’s a rumor about G2A that says their keys are stolen keys, and the biggest doubt gamers have is: is G2A legit? And that’s the question I’ll be answering on…

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Fanatical Review: Is Fanatical Games Legit?

Fanatical is one of the oldest sellers in the market, but we know that this doesn’t mean much. What we want to know is, is Fanatical Games legit?

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Gamivo Review: Is Gamivo Legit?

Is Gamivo legit? We did the full review of their website, company, buying & refund process for you. Find out if if it's safe to buy cdkeys from gamivo!... Read More

HRK Games Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

As for all partners we have on the website, the first question we had before adding them on Keyhub was: Is HRK legit? To find out I did the HRK Games…

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