Cashback & Moneyback Guarantee on video games

Gamers have much to rejoice this year with brilliant games releases like World Of Warcraft or Fifa 19.  And the year-end just got much better with an exclusive Cashback &…

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Your Last Chance To Preorder

Releasing on October 12th 2018, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is already killing it. Don’t miss the chances to preorder now, as you…well, you should find out in the article…

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Get A 5% Discount Coupon on!

One of our trusted partners,, is offering an exclusive opportunity to our users: a 5% discount on your purchases! Check this article out to know more about the discount…

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Will Dunn: A Guitar Hero Champion Behind Bilbioblog

The creative mind behind Bilblioblog, Will – the real name of Biblio – is all about writing, music, traveling, gaming, and Guitar Hero! More impressively, we got that he became…

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A Vintage Face of Gaming: Vintage Retroman

Vintage games are more and more a common choice to make. A trend that has witnessed its peak last year, it does not seem to slow down. And Vintage Retroman knows it well.  A digital marketing account manager, a music lover, a gamer, a writer, a blogger, a dad; it’s challenging to decide whether his digital alias is truly more interesting than his person. 

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game blogger featured image compare cd keys prices keyhub

Game Blogger On The Spot: It’s More Than Just Gaming

John Sharp, the creative mind behind shares with us his views and ideas. Don’t miss this interview with a game blogger who is one in a million! 

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Video Games Slangs 101 | Keyhub

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fun summer games featured images compare prices keyhub

Fun Summer Games For Your Summer Break

With consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X there’s a relief for university students to escape boredom and rather chill during their breaks with fun summer games.

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TWOTALL4UFOOL feature image compare prices keyhub

TWOTALL4UFOOL: Game Bloggers To Follow

Helllo fellow gamers! Finding out good game bloggers, reviewers or generally places to keep track of all the happenings in the gaming world can be tough. So in out latest…

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kind of gamer featured image compare cd keys prices keyhub

What Kind Of Gamer Are You? The Online Test That Tells You

You are a gamer. But what kind of gamer are you?  Ready to take this online test and find out?

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