Cashback & Moneyback Guarantee on video games


Gamers have much to rejoice this year with brilliant games releases like World Of Warcraft or Fifa 19.  And the year-end just got much better with an exclusive Cashback & Moneyback guarantee service released for gamers.

Video games are too expensive

To keep up with all the great releases at times becomes almost impossible as unfortunately,

  • The prices of these games are not pocket-friendly, I mean $40 every two weeks can be slightly difficult
  • Secondly, cd keys stores do offer a much better price but buying it from them can also be slightly nerve-wracking at times because of the lack of trust in the stores sometimes. We are pretty sure, “What if it is a fraud or a scam?” has entered your mind many a time.

Well worry not, Keyhub has found a solution for both these problems. Enter *drum roll* ‘Keystone’!!

What on earth’s name is Keystone? You must wonder! Let me tell you

Keystone – Cashback & Moneyback program for gamers

Keystone is a cashback & money-back guarantee program, which has been made for gamers, by gamers who understand the issues & concerns faced you guys. With Keystone, you can get:

  • Cashback up to 4%
  • 100% Money back guarantee for any faulty purchase with Keyhub Trusted Partners
  • Freebies like free games, special discounts, free skins/DLC etc.

How does it work?

Sounds too good to be true? Let us break it down for you so you know how we can take 100% guarantee and give you cash back.

As a cashback platform, we get a certain commission from our cashback partners and we give up to 90% of that commission back to YOU! We keep the 10% because we still need to eat ourselves & feed this lazy cat 😛


As for the money back guarantee, we wish to provide a stress-free & comfortable experience to our users, so we are willing to take that risk to make sure you can buy as many games as you would like and without any worries.

How can you start availing it?

The full program goes live on 9th November, yes, just a day before Black Friday. So it gives you a chance to save even more money than you would otherwise on Black Friday this time. But, you can sign up TODAY for the Beta & the first 1,000 subscribers will get 3 months free.

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